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How do I delete a shape (circle, rectangle)?

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I was working on a drawing that contains about 15 circles. I now realize that I need to delete the 5th one made. I can't figure out how to select it and delete it. I always tried using the History window, however, it doesn't allow me to delete just the 5th one, it goes and deletes the 5th + everyone created after it (6th thru 15), this is just not acceptable.



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The next time you make a bunch of circles, do each one on a different layer. Then you can turn each one on or off (hide or show it).

Once you have the circles positioned correctly, flatten the layers if you need to.

Layers are very important for making those kind of edits.

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Are they different colours? If they are you could use the magic wand to select the one you want to delete & then press the Delete button or your keyboard.


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