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Request : Better resize

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I have not found a similar request on the forum.

I have noticed, when upsizing a picture, that the resize algorithm could yield better (in my opinion) results.

A resize by a factor 2 for example is much sharper and better looking when performed with video editing tool AviSynth (using function LanczosResize()) than with Paint.NET, which yields a blurred picture. I would suggest implementing LanczosResize or a similar sharp resize.

Before someones ask and tells me upsizing is bad, I had done that because I was convinced that by using the suitable software I could make a better looking picture than leaving this task to the photo book printers (photoways.com).


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Rick Brewster has replied in another thread that downscaling uses « supersampling » and upscaling uses bicubic, which is clearly stated in the GUI when resizing.

However, I still think that a sharp Lanczos resize should be added (I can even code it if required...) and will produce much better result than the bicubic and better results than bicubic + sharpen.


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By default, that's true, however, if you take a moment and look at the links that have been posted (and the drop-down menu in the resize image window), you'll find a few others.

The source code for PdN is publicly available, and as long as you comply with the license, you can do as you like in terms of reusing that code, so adding in another resampling method ought to be pretty easy.

Heck, if it's useful enough, give the code back to Rick and he can decide to possibly include it if he thinks he should.

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Well, I don`t know. When I'm drawing, whenever I finsih the CG the image is all sharp. I use, then, a combination of resizing so it'll become smooth. Bicubic is my option in resizing, as it just amplifies without expanding anything.

I strongly suggest you experiment the different resizing methods.



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