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Is there a way to save a file as "Save for web"

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Photoshop reduces the size of the image by limiting the number of colors used to those on a specified palette. That is a form of distortion.

Here is a page that better describes the process:

http://www.elated.com/articles/the-save ... b-feature/

Anyway, this is not an option in PdN.


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Anyway, this is not an option in PdN.

In fact, it's just that there is no dropdown to quickly select predefined levels of quality.

Some filetypes are configurables, like the JPEG one.

You can reduce the filesize by lowering the quality using the slider at the top.

PNG may be configurable in the future.

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Small File size |------[]------------| Quality

Unfortunately, you can't have both. PhotoShop does more than PDN in this regard by limiting the number of colors, but only so much can be lost before visible distortion is seen. I know in The GIMP, there are several different encoding algorithms available for JPG, but I'm not certain which one PhotoShop or Paint.NET uses.

The best option is to use PNGs for backgrounds / images with large areas of the same color, and JPGs for photos and other images that contain many subtle variations. Also, use 1 pixel repeating backgrounds when possible, and use the CSS Sliding Doors technique to condense link images and their alternate states into one file.

I know this feature has been requested before, but I am not certain how high it is on Rick's priority list.

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