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Resizing Image Area

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I'm trying to rotate an image. Rotating is not the problem, it's just that when I rotate the image the area box around the image itself remains the same size. I'd like to open the area in which the image is in so that when I'm ready to save the image after rotating that the area box is open enough to save the entire image. Hope that makes sense?

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Image -> Canvas Size. Make it 25% bigger or whatever ends up working.

Set the Anchor to the middle. Then, rotate your image as you see fit. Last, crop the image to the smallest rectangular area that encompasses the entire image.

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Make sure your secondary colour is set to transparant. To do that click the more button on the colour window & look near the bottom at the slider that says Alpha - Transparency (or something similar) then resize your image. This should create a transparent area around your original picture :)


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