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Hey everyone.

don't know if this will matter to you but......

Yesterday i was browsing the internet(as i do) and came across this cool site its a site about a new game thats coming out in December and as you can probably guess its name is Wolf Quest.

Its a simulation game where you create a wolf that you play yourself and go around doing wolf like things like hunting, mating and well wolf like things lol :lol:

Heres the link to the site: http://www.wolfquest.org/

when it comes out it will be free to download, and theres one part in the game where you will be able to switch to multilayer mode and talk online with your friends and create a pack.

i think it sounds really fun because i love wolfs but id like to hear what you thing. :)

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ive never heard wolf said so many times in one post.....

to be on topic: i really doubt how realistic it is, since its aimed at kids, and since ive played so many MMOs extensively and gotten bored of them due to repetitiveness i probably wont play this one either....


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the trailer and screen shots look pretty realistic and its made by people at a national reserve "i think" but it's FREE so if i don't like it i can just uninstall lol :lol: but i doubt I'll be doing that.

it sounds really good what they're saying on the forums and the creater blogs.

Yeh i know i say wolf a lot. :)

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