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*abra cadabra* Justin Bieber and Katy Perry combine forces and take over the iTunes. Now you have the entire iTunes library (Bieber and Katy Perry)

E: I wish my vegan cupcakes turn out well tomorrow.

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Hatred does not cease by hatred, but only by love; this is the eternal rule.

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Hello, you have reached the wish factory. Unfortunately, we can only corrupt real wishes at the moment. By wishing for only good things you didn't wish for to happen, you have overloaded our servers and now none of your wishes, tangible or no, will come true. Santa doesn't exist, nor the Tooth Fairy. Also, Photoshop is totally free and PdN costs roughly $15k, US currency. We wish you a wonderful day and Happy Holidays.

I wish I was in NZ during summer.

BTW, it's winter here in Arkansas...our low for the night is like 15F

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Granted, but you're stuck in New Zealand forever, the worst place in the world.



Yeah, it's terrible, isn't it; beautiful scenery, nice people, great food, awesome beaches, it sucks being here...

No, I would actually love to be stuck here, there is no place anywhere in the world (and I mean that) that can match New Zealand. In any way.


You have run out of money, so can't afford the flights to NZ. Or the 2011 Rugby World Cup. (Burn!)

I wish for the year not to end.

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Surprise!! You spent your entire life savings on Mars! Too bad it's infested with horrible aliens with LAZORS in their eyes that immediately teleport to where ever you try to land your spaceship and chase you off. Eventually, the military decides to blow up planet Mars to prevent these LAZOR aliens from reaching Earth. And they don't refund your entire life savings.

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Waazzam - Your wish is granted.

Not only is Family Guy on right now.

There is a Family Guy channel.


It is not on cable and only broadcast in analog and the signal is so bad that there is no way to get a good picture, and they show the same episode - marathon style 24/7 .


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You can drive! Unfortunately, when you start to drive for your first time EVAR, you government decides that cars are bad mojo and outlaw them. They also make it illegal for anyone to leave the country. So you can drive...not much good it'll do though...

I wish I could go to sleep...

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