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it doesnt crash but since you ran it through gasoline while lighting a match, it explodes and you get blown to a place where they shun Plymoth HEMI Cudas and if you are caught with one, you are smushed and eaten by a wildabeast.

I wish i had more money than Bill Gates and Oprah combined,and i was constantly making money every 3 seconds, Legally and everyone loved me....corrupt this...BWAHAHAHA :twisted: :lol:

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You make all the money but lose it when your bank goes bankrupt! and the money you make every 3 second? $0.001 It'll take over 333 million seconds, or 3858 days, otherwise known as over 10 years, to make $1,000,000 back. You have a fun 10 years! MWAHAHAHAHA!

I wish that this wish was uncoruptable!


Previously dgirl555, but now you can call me epic

Oh, and I really like airbrushing photos

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