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That's doable. The previously mentioned windstorm caused a gas leak that ended up blowing up you and your stuff as you walked to the truck. You survive. Your stuff? Not so lucky...

I wish I made twice as much money, while working half as hard.


Take responsibility for your own intelligence. ;) -Rick Brewster

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done. you have an itchy... you know, this would be so much simpler if i knew what i was allowed to call that. personal area? instead

i wish i knew the list of words this forum doesnt allow

about the headphones, i have many pairs, and most of the time, its just hooked up to the computer :P


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You're famous but there's an elite group of assassins who hate famous people j00 die!

I wish the definition for corrupt was "To make better" and since you have to make my wish come true the definition automatically changes, and now you must make my wish better. Now all the "corrupt" wishes must become better!

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you get more money (grats) but the world suddenly decides money is more hassle that it is worth and completey gets rid of the economy taking people back to trading for things etc. like the past :shock:

i wish it was tomorrow! ive not seen my best friend for 3 months and hes coming back tomorrow and were all going out to the pub ^_^! (hes practically my brother, known him since i was like 6 :shock: even lived with me at uni prety much).

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