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You wish get voided because gazillion is a false number.

I wish for batteries with infinite life.

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School now at 11am but ends at 6pm and the amount of homework is increased.

That sentence is perfect in every way. You know, except for the omission of the word "starts".

You find it, but you realise you were looking for the wrong one, and can't fnd the disk image you're looking for NOW.

I wish that people would realie the anniversary that's coming up. I'll leave it to you to wildly speculate.

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:shock: that cant be good for you..that being said you get it anyway but realise there is way too much mustard and burns your tongue

i wish my ear would pop (like being on a plane your ears go all funny now and then, probably all that loud music i listen too :lol:)

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done, but because you didnt do your work, it throws the universe out of whack, causing giant tissue boxes to fall from the sky, crushing the pub just after everyone gets out. that, kids, is why you should do your work [/hypocrite]

me too, but u get it early, and boom. you lose your hearing literally as you press play

i wish i could listen to music in braille! :lol:


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