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I was on track, even if he didn't wish anymore, someone else could have posted. I am so good to have put it in one sentence. :P

Anyway, you call the company to speed up shipping, and your parts get mixed up with some parts a family was waiting for in another state. You know what kind of parts those were. :wink:

I wish I knew how to go to sleep.

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I have not tried it on a real computer, but the ISO works fine on VirtualBox. I can also compile it, but the problem is placing the binaries on an ISO, 7-zip can deal with ISOs but not FLPs or the other archives which are inside the ISO image.

Umm... You didn't wish anything.

I wish I could sell a patent to Fujitsu Siemens.

Hatred does not cease by hatred, but only by love; this is the eternal rule.

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You become CEO of the company but the next day it goes bankrupt.

I wish I was a superhero...

Looks like you really are a kid boy. You become a superhero but you are forced to go into exile after killing a villain. (Heroes don't kill ANYONE.)

I wish I could get back 1.5GIGS of RAM that I gave away. In good condition too, and it works exceptionally.

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