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The 20th day you die under 20 tons of pennies.

I wish I could make money working with pdn.

(Aww I was almost to 2.5 million dollars :cry:)

you make money but it is counterfeit.

I wish I had a penny and it doubled every day. and I didn't die. and it wasn't counterfeit and it didn't get stolen.

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Granted. However, your penny-supplier gets demented, and sticks to the first day for whole of his life, getting you just 2 pennies a day.

EDIT: You beat me... Granted, but from now, that's the only thing you can do with PDN, ever!

I wish i had an Alienware PC.

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Congrats, all the music you can dream of. Too bad you got it illegaly, and was sued for tons and tons of money!

I wish I had a new, working, duel core processor in my computer.

Aww.... I don't wanna go to jail :cry:

You processor causes your system slow down and receive many blue error screens.

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