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Ok, in this game, you present the group with a wish of yours, and the next person has to corrupt it AND make a new wish.


Person 1- I wish that I could get straight A's.

Person 2- POOF! You have straight A's, but your teachers find you so smart that you are transferred to a new school where you know nobody!

I wish I could have a dog.

Person 3- SHAZAM! You have a dog, but it dies the day after you get it.

I wish I could be a faster runner.

etc...I'll start this off:

I wish i was the best in the world at PdN

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Darn headphones >_>

You have gotten to download Photoshop CS3 extended for free! Once downloaded you get a blue error screen and you are disconnected from the internet!

@Yata: You go into the future and download PDN 5.0 but apparently PDN was taken over by Microsoft and they made it just like Microsoft Paint

I wish I could get Alter Bridge's new album before it comes out.

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You have the album, but it turns out all the songs on there have Michal Jackson singing background and Madonna beatboxing.

@Ben: You get your ice cream cone, but it tastes like spinach.

I wish I can have an unlimited amount of [unrestricted] wishes that I can make at any time.

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KAZOYNG!! You get Paint.NET 5.0, but your computer doesn't have the .NET framework version 12. :roll:

I wish I had an Ice-cream cone.

Haha which hasn't come out yet :D

Oh wow... That's a great ablum Uh...

@Ben_R_RL you receive you Quad Core computer, but apparently your OS doesn't work with the 512x processor.

I wish I could see AC/DC in concert

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The quad core malfunctions and it didn't come with any paperwork.

You get to see them in a Pay-Per-View concert.

Your grand piano needs to be assembled by hand and the instructions are in Japanese.

I wish I was a moderator in this forum and get to ban anybody at will without Rick, BB, or CMD banning me after that.

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Poof! The fairy person mis-understoof your wish and banned everyone :D

What I don't wanna see them in "pay-per-view" concert >_> I hope they come to Seattle when they do their tour in 2008

I wish I could meat Ozzy Osbourne when he wasn't high or sniffing ants. Or attempting to kill someone. Or when he is yelling at water.

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@LilRedneck: Granted. You now have one million dollars, stolen from the US treasury with your fingerprints all over the machine and it appears you broke the machine. It also appears that the bills weren't finished so when you tried to buy something the cashier that it was counterfeit so he calls the police and they find out you stole one million dollars from the US treasury. (Wow I didn't misspell one word in that whole paragraph)

@usedHONDA: You get to the last level and when you are about ready to finish you receive a blue error screen and you computer explodes

I wish I was in a band that made good music.

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you get a million dollars, but you drop your wallet, and your identity gets stolen.

@ usedHONDA

You beat all the episodes in N, but the game is really a virus, and it corrupts your hard drive.

@ Mr Frojo

Granted, but lightning fries your computer

@ LilRedneck

Granted, but your life becomes boring and predictable.

@ Paint_boy

Granted, but your life becomes boring and predictable.

I wish PDN ran on Macs.


Boy, you guys post fast! :P

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