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Abbreviate it!

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PLEASE read the rules before you post.

Welcome to "Abbreviate it!" Here is an example of what you do:


Paint Boy: AFAA

Person: American Free Association Asparagus (I dunno that's a hard one) - EVIL

Person_II: Every villain is lemons :D JUMP

Person_III: ...

(If you don't quite get it yet read some other posts)



Keep it clean

No flaming / spamming etc...

Keep it on topic

If you accidentally answer the question two posts above you (Or more) please edit your post

Nothing like "abcdefqijklmnopgrtflvqrst" or anything like asdfj or anything long / random. SUCH AS: Mississippi. And please do not post any extremely long abbreviations such as GOVERNMENT or ... d_0577.jpg the place listed in the link aboce (If you wanna see how long it is click on it) OR pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis... please:))

I'll start:


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EDIT: Blast, beaten to pip! Passing along spike 121's.


Spontaneous Packaging At North Korea.



Continue with Spike 121's.

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