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Rubber Stamp effect?

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Anyone care to tell me how i could make a rubber stamp effect on an image?

basically, i have an image of somone, and i want to rubber stamp it to say "NO!" over it.

any tips would be appreciated.

Make a new layer.

Make your stamp (with a transparent background).

Copy the part you want to use over and over.

If you don't need to rotate it, just paste it wherever you want it as many times as you want.

If you want to rotate it, paste on a new layer so you don't affect what you've already done.

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Frame by frame on PDN, save each as a .gif file then use a program such as UnFREEz to animate it. You may want to check some videos on stamping or stamp something yourself so you can reference the movements and such, that is something I can't help with as I don't know how your wanting to stamp (from the left, from the right etc.).

EDIT: also search for the animation tutorials on the forum if you require the specifics on animating, although it's pretty simple so you should get it, still, might be good for inspiration and what-not.

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