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Underrated Or Overrated?

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This game is simple. The person above you names a noun and then you reply to them saying "Underrated" or "Overrated"

For example:

Paint Boy: Green Day

Person: Overrated, Jack In The Box

Person_II: Underrated, Wikipedia

Person_III: ...

Rules stay on topic... and... yeah :D

I'll Start:

Green Day

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Hard to say, but I think it's more overrated than underrated.

overrated, you can get so much more from a porsche.

Ha! I pity you for not knowing the Corvette's full potential.

Road & Track tests all fas cars (and some not-so-fast ones, too). When they road tested the '05 Corvette Z06 it got the following stats:

505 BHP; 198 MPH top speed; 12 sec. @ 121 MPH quarter-mile; 3.6 sec. 0-60; 8.5 sec 0-100.

Do you know what that means? That means that the Corvette got the same 0-60 as your precious $450K Porsche Carrera GT (according to the R&T road test summary) and it has a shorter 0-60 than the $210K Lamborghini Gallardo (0-60 in 3.8 sec.). It's also leagues faster than the Dodge Viper and Ford GT (and it's tens of thousands cheaper), but we need not go into that. [/rant]


General Motors

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Nintendo. And if you even dare say "Over-Rated", the Nintendo SWAT team will be flying into your living room through the window as if you found a way to get past the new Wii update and make Freeloader work again. Either that or you smashed a Wii.

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BoltBait, Nintendo is so overrated right now it's ridiculous. Be a man and say it! Nintedi-Ninjas be darned! :P

Pepsi Max: underrated

Halo 3.

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I am an organism, an animal, a creature, I am a beast.

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