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This Or That?


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Welcome to "This Or That". All you do is reply to the poster above you buy choosing what you prefer.


Paint Boy: doorknobs or doorhandles

Person: doorknobs

Death Metal or classical

Person_II: Classical

Chess Or Checkers


(If you don't get the point yet look at other posts)


Keep it clean

No flaming / spamming etc...

Keep it on topic

If you accidentally answer the question two posts above you please edit your post

I'll start:

Wii or Xbox 360

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I'm not a rap fan. Lynyrd Skynyrd

Also good choice. If this were real you would have over 5 million dollars instead of only one million. (If you think it's wrong open Calculator and put in .01 and multiply it by 2 and click equals 30 times - I come up with 11 million but my granny told me it was 5 :D)

Dark or Bright

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