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How good where you when you first started to use Paint.net?  

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  1. 1. How good where you when you first started to use Paint.net?

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How good were you the exact first time you used paint.net?

I remember I was horrible at it. I had no idea what I was doing. No I've improved over the last 10 months. :P

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I think I did alright, though most of the time I was marveling at how much cooler it looked than MS Paint. My first creation was a sign that said "CAUTION: This avatar is currently under construction". It was the first avatar I ever made and my first PDN creation. I wish I could find that file :(

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5 months ago. Wow, patient.

Yeah i wanted to try out some of the tutorials and stuff before i registered again. Mainly because from what i saw everybody's creations were so good. I wanted to at least not be new to the program.



Edited, Sorry :]

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Yea, I did the same thing, but only for two months. I though that this program was going to be hard to get really good, but after trying a lot of the tutorials, I learned that it doesnt take too much to become good at it.

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