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Photoshop Elements 4 and Paint.Net

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At the moment I have PDN on my XP machine and I have to say that it really works well. I also have PE4 installed, but will continue to use PDN as it is light on resources, however, on my Vista machine PE4 is there and I am thinking of installing PDN. I have no problem with power and I would like to know if anyone works with both programs and which one they use the most. I heard about all the plug-ins that PDN has to offer and would like to know if they would be a drag on the program and also which ones are the best and most versatile for Photo editing. If both programs can be used in concert with each other, PDN will be installed without a second thought. J.B.

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Many thanks to Ash and CommanderSozo for their links. I will install PDN on the Vista machine and will work with both programs. All I needed was a nudge in the right direction. It is clear that one program will compliment the other. Again, thanks for the advise. J.B.

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