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There was a post containing 2D animations in the pictorium so I made this. It sort of brought the animator out of me again, I use a program called Pivot 3 (BETA) (Pivot 2 is more stable) to create stick figure animations, I will post a few of mine and one amazing one from someone else (not going say who) I will also paste the link to download the program if you should want it :D

(May not be child friendly I would say 13+ (contain blood & violence) a red ! will be posted near my personal favourite)

Some are good, some are bad! I mean, I had to start somewhere right?


Free Running

Dance (current avatar)

Fighting - No blood

No Winner

The Breakout

Super Stick

Friends Fight

Bone Breaker

Blood & Violence



I also have tried a program called EZToon, it is a really hard program to use, but there are some great opportunities. this is



And finally - The pro animations



Not Safe:


And for the programs, here you go!




Oh, if you really get into pivot... your going to need .STK packs (files it uses to generate characters) here they are.



Site: RIP =(

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