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...i am a wiz at Paint ( MS)...

There really isn't much to learn about MS Paint. At all.

But my banners look well better in a sense lol but yea that other person is right this thread is not longer needed thanks for the info thou


Wow..........the wonders of Animation

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Photoshop IS better than paint.net, if you know what you're doing. Photoshop has many complex functions, many of witch paint dot net does not have.

HOWEVER, paint.net can do somethings allot easier, and faster than photoshop. photoshop lack regular glow, and it is almost impossible to get a glow like pdn makes, and the pdn one looks rather nice. I myself use both programs(Being a web comic author, I find photoshop better for text bubbles, since it has better shapes, and blending options to make the bubbles look nice).

Many people tend to go overboard with photoshop, using super bright lens flares, heavy blurs, and unnecessary blending.

I myself build my comic in paint.net(since it is faster, and neater) then transfer it to photoshop with the psd file type plugin.

There are really only 3 things paint.net needs, in my opinion.

1: More blending modes(Photoshop has like 20)

2: Bevel

3: Brushes.

But, when it comes down to it, I've seen far better things done with paint.net from members of this forum(ash, madjik), than I've ever seen with photoshop...


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Paint.NET has come a long way already (i joined the community at version 2.6, which didn't even have a gradient tool) - and in my opinion it is growing way faster than Photoshop. But it still has the intuitive UI it had in the beginning - it's fantastic.

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You know that saying "if you have to ask, you can't afford it"? That, in some ways, applies to Paint.NET and Photoshop.

Photoshop (I'll call it CS3 from now on) is basically the best image editor on the face of the Earth. But it has its own downfalls. It's very hard to learn, its very expensive, and it can lag in performance on some (or most) computers. In my opinion, Photoshop should only be used by the most professional of the Elite Masters because there's so much to learn about it. But sadly, most of the people that have it don't take in nearly a quarter of what it can do (yet most of them think they are).

Paint.NET is not comparable to that. Were talking about two completely different cars here: A Chevy Volt concept and Lamborghini Galardo Superleggera (with Paint.NET being the Volt). The Galardo is extreemly powerful, but can be hard to handle (it takes a pro) and isn't very efficient (not to mention it's low reliability). The Volt, however, is more of a mid-performance car that costs much, much, much less than the Lambo, any teenager can drive it without denting within the first two blocks, and is extreemly efficient and reliable (getting 50-infininity miles per gallon with a home or gas-rechargeable Lithium Ion battery letting you go over 40 miles without using a drop of gas and I shouldn't be talking about it in this thread even though it's so cool).

To put it in a less metaphorical way, Paint.NET is smaller, faster, easier, and cheaper than Photoshop which is bulky, expensive, sometimes slow, and difficult to learn.

Now that's terminology I can understand . I'm a rookie photographer just getting started and paint.net is a outstanding editing tool . Very easy even in raw . Just a amazing program used by many photographers world wide .

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