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Can sumone make a tut about making this kind of aura?

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To me, it looks like radial blur + dents + glow (those little aura things were probably drawn onto another layer).

Edit: Possibly some use of curves... for luminosity. I'm trying to figure it out myself, really. o.o

Edit again: You'd probably have to separate the character being emphasized, and put him/her on a new layer. Copy it onto a new image (two or three times the height of the original (also, make sure it's on the bottom of the image), and apply a radial blur. Then, add dents (Scale: 180; Amount: 13; Quality: Whatever you choose). Copy the original size, and paste it into a new layer of your original image. Now, add luminosity with the curves plugin (the area around the character should be cut off, by the way), lesser for the "aura", more for the actual character. The character should be on top, followed by the aura, and then the background. Select the character, add a gaussian blur of about 14 or so. I think that should do the trick. I tested it out, but I can't select it neat enough to get good enough results.

Edit x 3: I'll try using this as my first tut, I guess.

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You mean like this?


And you could make the blur bigger.

1. erase the background of your image.

2. duplicate the layer

3. blur the image a little, so you see a light border around the image.

4. Duplicate the original image

5. Zoom blur so you have a very very fine line around the image

6. Duplicate the original image again

7. select all of the picture, and make it way bigger than the original image.

8. Blur to whatever width you want it to be.

And then you could be done.

But if the aura is to round, and perfect...

9. on the big, blurred layer, take your eraser at about twelve for width, (something smaller if you have an especially small image) and create jagged lines around the outside of the aura.

10. Gaussian blur that layer slightly.

11. (optional) add some zoom blur.

Experiment with the values, as it will always be different with different images.


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Umm, the rules state:

11) Don't reply to very old threads.

If you notice the last post date, it was nearly 4 years ago. I highly doubt that they're still looking for more replies to this question after all this time.

But, thanx for trying.

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4 years 6 months 14 days...a record perhaps?


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