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A Crazy Idea

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Hey, guys, let's be nice.

Anthony, the reason there is no Media.NET is that there is only one developer on the Paint.NET team - Rick Brewster. As the others have said, it would take too much of his time away from the PdN project for him to get into another project.

Besides, he has never really shown much of an interest in moving beyond image editing. There's so much to do here! The horizon is pretty far off, as far as that goes.

We hope you stick around with Paint.NET. Welcome to the forums; just don't expect too much. He's only one guy, after all :-)


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Loading and editing a whole movie in the way of Paint.Net would crash your PC. However, this would be a total different application and would not having anything to do wih Paint.Net.

Besides that, what sense would it make? I don't think it would improve Star Wars or Lord of the Rings or whatever when there would be black lines, circles or gradients...

Wow, many "woulds"...

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I don't think it's such a crazy idea. I agree, however, that Rick couldn't be the lead developer on it.

It strikes me that there are probably one or two like-minded souls with enough knowledge of .NET to make one of those projects happen, although before that, I'd like to see a "Draw.NET" app (or that type of funtionality within Paint.NET itself).

As far as being excited about the possibility, put me down in the "definitely" category. The problem seems to be one of manpower, not of need.

It's not that you're going to improve on Star Wars, it's that unless you want to pony up some cash, there's not a lot to pick from along the lines of capable video editing software that's natively on Windows...let alone that's open source.

Sure, bundled apps are a dime a dozen, but most of them aren't very good or extendable. Likewize, there are some capable editors that are online-only, but many of them limit you in terms of output resolution or how long it takes you to get a high-resolution video from editing to your desktop.

I think the crazy idea is crazy *good*. I'm just not sure what it would take for it to become a reality.

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I'd like to see a "Draw.NET" app (or that type of funtionality within Paint.NET itself).

I've been thinking of starting such a project ever since I wrote the standard shapes/stars plugin.

I'm working on it in the back of my mind. When I clear out a few of my current projects, I think I'll start on it. Seriously.

Wow, when did that happen?! *doesn't wait for reply and starts looking for a bigger avatar*

I have no idea. Rick forgets to tell us mods when he edits the rules.

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