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add contextmenu to Paint.net

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The only problem is that many of the tools use the right mouse button to perform alternate tasks.

Paint Bucket -

L:Fill with foreground color

R:Fill with background color

Paint Brush/Pencil/Line Tool/Shape Tools -

L:Paint/Draw with foreground color

R:Paint/Draw with background color

Rectangle Select/Ellipse Select/Magic Wand -

L:Select area

R:Subtract from selected area

Recolor -

L:Replace background color with foreground color

R:Replace foreground color with background color

Eyedropper -

L:Set foreground color

R:Set background color

Zoom Tool -

L:Zoom in

R:Zoom out

Move Selected Pixels/Move Selection -

L:Move/Scale selection/selected pixels

R:Rotate selection/selected pixels

See, adding in a context menu would entail changing the way nearly every tool works. I'll leave it to one of the Devs to give it a definite answer, but I wouldn't get my hopes up if I were you.

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We are generally able to distinguish between right-dragging and right-clicking. We get events like "mouse down", "mouse move", "mouse up" ... so a mouse-click is just a "mouse down" followed quickly by a "mouse up" with no interstitial "mouse move."

Don't expect this for the v2.6 release -- we're trying to keep it a very quick, focused release.

But yeah we'd have to have something in place to deal with the "right click is used for other things." And the UI inconsistency that would entail ...

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