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Help! - Crash during save begot corrupt file

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So today I spent all day (Literally all day) working on a project for school where I had to invent a working timeline for a story I would like to write. So I've spent all day working on it, it was 18000x4000 by the time it was finished. Anyway, I've been periodically saving it throughout the day just in case. But then about an hour ago I went to save it for the last time and it spent 5 minuets showing me the "saving…" window and then Paint.NET just crashed! I've no problems with that, I understand having a file that big open all day is a huge pull on memory. But the file itself is gone! It didn't save properly and now I can't load it with anything!

So if anyone could tell me if there is anyway I can get that file back (it’s a .pgn that I've not used with any other program)? Is there anyway I can pick back up where I left off? Or do I have to start all over again? (Which I honestly no longer have time for)

Thanks in advance.

Edit by CMD: Changed thread title to be less ambiguous

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Yes, of course I have. Whenever I try to open it, it just gives me this error "There was an error opening the file." Since I get this same error, it all its variations, no matter how I try to open the file - I can only assume it got corrupted. Was just wondering if there wasn't a way I could get it back to how it was the save before the one that broke it. (Which was about 3 hours before)

Also, sorry about the subject line, I was a bit panicked last night.

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There's really almost no way to retrieve a corrupt file, by my understanding. Maybe I'm wrong, though...


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