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Ok, Im having trouble downloading.

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I was sent here by a friend saying that this program was really cool.

But im having these problems


I have all of the requirement to dowload this program but it keeps sending me to another websitre saying I have not downloaded

.NET Framework 2.0

and that I need that in order to have Paint.net's program.

and i will not let me download it I have looked all over for the programs and I keep downloading stuff but everytime it brings me back to this place and tells me I am able to download it now then when I click it it starts all over agin saying I dont have 2.0 downloaded...someone please help if possible :(

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1) you're posting in the wrong section of the forum. This should have been in Bugs & Troubleshooting.

2) Your font is eye-molestingly bright.

3) Be patient! You waited a grand total of 8 minutes. Go make a cup of coffee. Bake a cake. Paint a rock. Whatever. Just be patient.


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Be a little nicer, Pyro...

You do need .NET framework 2.0

The installer is sending you to the website? How about manually going to the website and trying to download it?


And Pyro is right, your font color is very hard on the eyes.

Welcome to the forum :D

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Please post in the correct section of the forum. I have absolutely no idea why you chose to post in "General Coding / Programming."

Moved to Bugs & Troubleshooting

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sry about that I had a blonde moment, and ok I figured it out...I just had a LOT of frustration today... anyways thanks I really love this program so far its just what I needed. sry about the color once again.. :oops:

Oh, also I didnt meen to be in a rush but I had to get that done in less than 20 min because I had to go somewhere and the store was closing~ thanks again


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