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Monthly Skinning Competition #3 -- Paint.NET logo

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Alrighty, the voting is completed, and the winning entries are....

*drum roll*

Tied for 1st: CommanderSozo #1 and BuzzKill #2!

2nd: BuzzKill #1

3rd: CommanderSozo #2

Those are the winning logos, now, for the entrants with the most votes overall....

Champion: BuzzKill, with 14 votes!

Runner-up: CommanderSozo, with 11 votes

Consolation: draakan, with 5 votes

Now everybody say congratulations and cheer!

A big pat on the back for everyone who entered, and voted!



The Paint.NET logo is this competitions subject, and this MSC has a few differences from the previous. Those being:

  • [*:b602e]There is a new rule; you must now link to all source images used.
    [*:b602e]Each contestant may submit up to three logos.

Edit: I almost forgot! the deadline for submitting is Wednesday, August 22.

That's it! Now for the rules....


  • [*:b602e]Do not just color/recolor. That requires no skill whatsoever.
    [*:b602e]You must have a link to all source images used in your submission. If you fail to have them by the end of submission time, your creation will be disqualified.
    [*:b602e]If you use stock images, find out if they are copyrighted and if the owner wishes for them to be used.
    [*:b602e]Once you have submitted your entry, you may no longer add anything/delete or edit your post, excepting editing to add links to source images.
    [*:b602e]This post is for submissions only. If you would like to talk about the competition or a submission, do it
[*:b602e]Be courteous and kind.
[*:b602e]Have fun!

CMD Sayz - Eeeew... This topic is sticky. :wink:

v An excellent open–source strategy game—highly recommended.


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Since im going on my holiday to corfu on monday ill submit mine now.

I hope this one hasnt got copyright on it

Removed by Rick again: For goodness sake, read the rules above! Saying "I hope this one hasn't got copyright on it" is absolutely not good enough. You need to cite where the image is from. Plagiarism is not acceptable.

"If you use stock images, find out if they are copyrighted and if he owner wishes for them to be used."

Source images:


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I also used the Paint.NET logo. (I hope you don't call this recoloring)

I call my creation, "Paint.NET 2.0"



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One logo, three variations:

  • 1) Big text (screen mesh / glass)
    2) Small text (no screen mesh / no glass)
    3) Small text (screen mesh / paint brush overlay on mesh (no filler image / transparent))

Source image used: PDN logo

:Save: Download the .pdn :Save:


- DO NOT contact me asking for the .pdn of my avatar or the PDN logo. Thank you. Have a nice day.

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