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Multi-Color Gradient Plug-In

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P.N users,

I've been browsing Photoshop tutorials trying to get ideas for Paint.NET tutorials. An idea struck me as being very useful. I'm not sure if this is an actual plug-in in Photoshop, but I know Photoshop uses this: Multi-Color Gradients. I, along with many other people, can think up quite a few uses for Multi-Color Gradients.

I believe that it wouldn't be too hard. Just use the primary and secondary colors that the user has already selected, then prompt the user for additional colors. It would be very nice to have an Effect like this. The reason I am saying all of this is obviously because I would like this Effect; however, I do not know how to make plug-ins. So, anyone's help with making one would greatly be appreciated.

Thank you,


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That's a good idea, TakeMangaka. I found a tutorial on a PDN user's website (I forget who it is. I'm sorry I can't give them credit.) on how to make gradients. It's not exactly perfect, but they created blocks of colors and used a blur effect (I forget which one, probably just a Gaussian) to make the colors look blended together like a gradient.

*Thinks to self: I wanna say it was one of CMD's tutorials, but I can't quite put a finger on it.*

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Yeah, that method is antiquated, though.

This one still works:


As does this one (It's also linked on the aforementioned page):

http://paintdotnet.12.forumer.com/viewt ... =3426#3426

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I knew it was one of CMD's tutorials! I didn't notice the second page on gradients. I like that one better for some reason. Dunno why...

Do you know who could possibly make a plug-in for this effect? It feels kinda odd just asking people to make a plug-in for me. I guess it's because I live in Mississippi, and we like to show southern hospitality. Not sure..

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