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Font Question - Close up spacing?

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Hi, I am wondering how to get more out of the font tool. Right now I am trying to figure out how to close up the spacing between each character.

Any ideas?

Also, what would be your suggestions for essential plug-ins?

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Once typed out, select each letter and move closer.

Look for the members called BoltBait, Ash and pyrochild (and any others you see along the way) and look at their signatures, you will see links to either individual plugins or a collection of them. They are the useful ones. Also, try the ones that are Sticky'd in the Plugin forum.

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To add on what Ash said, you can't edit like you can with Word or Photoshop, once it's typed it is part of the image. Moving the letters individually can be done how I suggested, but spelling mistakes usually lead to having to retype that section/text block.

Ash is right, always do text on it's own layer.

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