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PDF maker/printer and clickable URL links.


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Exactly what I've been wondering. I've been using a program called Convert Doc and although it did keep some links intact from the Word Document (Word .doc is easier to edit than a .pdf for me) it didn't keep all of them. Furthermore, every so often it would ask me whether I'd want to continue to use it or purchase it, I went for continue the trial and it worked for that session. The only problem was not all hyperlinks survived the conversion.

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Last night my photobucket account kept getting a "page not found"

Seems my account was gone...for the longest time.

I thought...or bloody potato, Now I need to re-upload all my images for tuts, and stuff.

People can hear the crys of "damn you photobucket" as far as 2 miles away :P:lol:

Got me thinking...what if it happens again? And for good!!

I quickly saved all my tuts into PDF files with the clickable link in em.

Just in case.

I will try to do the same for other useful tuts, but I think whatever you wanna keep safer. Better to trust your own HDD then online storage.

My 2 cent.


All creations Ash + Paint.NET [ Googlepage | deviantArt | Club PDN | PDN Fan ]

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I also use OpenOffice.org to generate my PDFs (well I use OOo for all my office needs, in fact!).

Two things I like about the PDF export in OOo:

- It preserves the links; and

- It preserves the topic structure from your document. This way you have the correct sequence of Titles and Subtitles in Adobe Reader, instead of just "Page 1, Page 2, Page 3..."

But, I also have PDF Creator installed. It creates a virtual printer, which can be used by any application to generate the PDFs.

But it doesn't preserve the links and the topic structure, so I just use it when it's not possible to use OOo.

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