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Merging Layers or Flatten Image

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I noticed something interesting the other day, and confirmed it more today. When working with multiple layers that each have different blend modes, or transparancies etc, It's best to merge the bottom two layers first, then the new bottom two, then the new bottom two, ect..

Doing the top two layers, appears to change the blend mode or transparancy of one of the layers.. and can ruin the effect.

I havn't tested to find out.. does 'Flatten Image' (something that isn't always an option, such as when you are merging all but one layer that you want to keep aside..) merge from the bottom up? or does it work from the top down?

Also, good thing to remember.. before merging layers, I am trying to get into the habbit of saving the file by version number.. so that later on, if i decide i need to change one of the layers, i don't have to re-create from scratch.

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Flatten Image ([Ctrl][shift][F]) will give you exactly what you currently see on your screen. And yes, layers are composited from the bottom up, so it makes sense that merging your layers from the top down would have some unintended effects, as that's the opposite of how Paint.NET is doing it when displaying the final composite image.


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