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PIC help i need to remove somthing

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i want to remove the speaker thing and then make it look like the rest of the pic just putting gray on top of it dose not look right can some one tell me what to do

PS--i tryed the clone stamp it did not work

That's a pretty even gradient across the image...

With clone stamp, you;d want to ctrl-click exactly horizontal (off to the right) of the speaker things, and then click back at your starting point. Basically, clone stamp is like an offset copier, so whatever is in the image under the second circle is what you'll get painted under the pointer. If you're not lined up vertically (in this image) exactly right, it won't work. Here's my attempt:


I think if you search, you can find a tutorial or two on here about how to use the clone stamp tool.

drakaan sig jan 2020.png

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