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Newbie in need of direction

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Where to start?!

I thought I had died and gone to heaven when I found paint.net! (DH is going to hate it :twisted: )

So! Please, can some one tell me where to start? I need a serious plug-in fix...and probably a reminder of where to put them. :oops:

Years ago I started with PSP7 and slowly upgraded to PSP10 (9 was my fave)

Long story short. I had done SO much and saved so many files that PSP killed my computer. Totally fried it! ...Maybe it was more me than me than psp. I saw it coming though, I saved EVERYTHING related to psp, which is now useless. (I was a pspwhor*) :shock: - anyway..

I just got here (to the site) and I'm like a kid in a candy store! There is so much to read, learn, re-learn, snag, install, ... you get the picture.

Where should I start? Keep in mind that I'm not known for my patience ... and some what of a webtard. :oops: I need to do some brushing up, if that's possible.

... Any one ever go to the hospital and require morphine? ..This is my new morphine :twisted:

And no, I don't have a life. :P



This is a couple of my favorite creations on psp. (got addicted to digital scrapbooking) Can I achieve the same effects with paint.net?




(I tried to make it clickable, but it didn't work)

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Once you are familiar with the basics of Paint.NET, you can move on to the Tutorials section to see how some things are made.


When running some tutorials, you may need to install some plugins. This page explains how to install plugins:


Here is a list of plugins I've created:


And, you can always find more in the Plugin forum:


Then, once you have created your own masterpieces, post them in the Pictorium:


Also, be sure to read the rules:


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