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What music are you listening to?

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I guess this would be a good place to shamelessly self-promote myself... In the past few years, I've gotten into music (listening and creating). Here's a quick-n-dirty assortment of my spare-time experiments:

Strobe- Less than 24 hours old, this is one of the coolest things I've ever made. Sonically, it's nothing amazing, but what's cool is what I used to make it. The glitch effects put on the percussion and the wah-wah effect were all controlled by my wireless PS3 controller in real-time (it took like 4 different programs and a little programming to set that up). I can go into the details if anybody wants.

3am- This is the result of hours of musical frustration. I gave myself a limit of 10 minutes and one recording take; if I couldn't produce anything within those restraints, it's bedtime (it was 3am). The result was pretty neat :D

One-Eyed Jack's- I made this while in a bar downtown, where there was a graphic design/marketing conference thing going on. I had my mic on and putting glitch effects to keep it interesting. Hint: one of my favorite parts is the segment of 45-1:20. Not amazing, but was tons of fun to make.

Nice stuff! You're getting quite experimental and atonal at times, but I'm used to that :D

I'd recommend getting a proper DAW if you don't yet have one, I'm just getting started with Reason.

Autechre - Rae

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M62 = the Motorway or Assault rifle? I assume not the BMW :lol:

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Technically speaking, I hate to correct BoltBait of all people, Octavarium and Six Degrees of Inner Turbulence are just single songs (Although Six Degrees of Inner Turbulence does take up a whole CD of a two CD album with the same name.) Still, great song is great.

You should check this out if you haven't already BoltBait.


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The voyager from the album "The World" by Pendragon, probably one of my fav albums along with anything by Pink Floyd or the first 4 albums by Marillion or Sabbath the Ozzy years or Master of Puppets by Metallica,always think of this album as the darker harder Darkside of the Moon (Master of puppets that is )


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@ minners and Boltbait, you listen very unusual, world unfamous music, but I really like it... ohw amazing how they did that song on the guitar!!! already liked that song but wow, 5 people on one guitar? amazing! that's art!

anyway, here are some song I listen daily:

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I've started to take an unfamiliar liking to Techno lately, but I'm German, so that'd be just natural

Big genre. Too bad on this side of the pond its still considered ... unfamiliar or fringe in most circles. I blame Clear Channel for not opening up stations that would play it in most areas and of course for pushing some strange corporate idea of music on us all.

On that note, some blending in that area you may want to consider is from Emika. Been going through that artist's stuff for a few days looking for a sound that is haunting me ... Good solid composition without all the recent dubstep craziness for the most part.


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