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What music are you listening to?

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The voyager from the album "The World" by Pendragon, probably one of my fav albums along with anything by Pink Floyd or the first 4 albums by Marillion or Sabbath the Ozzy years or Master of Puppets by Metallica,always think of this album as the darker harder Darkside of the Moon (Master of puppets that is )


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@ minners and Boltbait, you listen very unusual, world unfamous music, but I really like it... ohw amazing how they did that song on the guitar!!! already liked that song but wow, 5 people on one guitar? amazing! that's art!

anyway, here are some song I listen daily:

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I've started to take an unfamiliar liking to Techno lately, but I'm German, so that'd be just natural

Big genre. Too bad on this side of the pond its still considered ... unfamiliar or fringe in most circles. I blame Clear Channel for not opening up stations that would play it in most areas and of course for pushing some strange corporate idea of music on us all.

On that note, some blending in that area you may want to consider is from Emika. Been going through that artist's stuff for a few days looking for a sound that is haunting me ... Good solid composition without all the recent dubstep craziness for the most part.


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Love techno (i'm part german but don't think that woud affect anything.)

orly? me too! :D (both part german and techno-liking)

Owl City -

Krank - Above the Clouds and Artificial Soul


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For no real reason I am listening to Incantations by Mike Oldfield, it was recorded and released a year before I was born, but It is an amazing album. If I had the money I would buy Througham slad mannor (google it) just so that I owned a slice of history, knowing what I was living in a place that created and influenced such an amazing record :)

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So I'm going to a Radiohead concert in less than a month (finally going back on tour!)

....but yet, despite their undisputed influence and legacy, I'm almost more hyped about another concert I'll be attending the week after. It's a little band called Of Montreal coming to town. They're my girlfriend's favorite band ever, so that kinda means that I have to like them, too ;) But in all reality, they're seriously good at what they do. Why am I so hyped? They're known for having some of the craziest concerts imaginable, something a cross between crazy dance-bowie-electro-pop, a play, and something else that nobody expects.

WARNING: As I recall, this forum isn't very fond of cursing, so listen at your own "risk"

If you dare, I highly encourage you to listen to the lyrics! This band always makes me happy with their comical but screwed up stories :D

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Flashes of light I open my eyes

And feel the spark of a new life

I take a breath for the first time

And you are the rea-son my heart is beat-ing

You put the color in my world

Yeah, the color in my world

I’ve never felt so alive, alive

Like a brand new sun-rise

Dark has turned to light and I will ce-le-brate

All my wrongs made right

Eve-ry-thing has changed

My sins have been e-rased and it feels like

New years day!

Loving It!!!:D

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A band I really like decided to go full indie for their 13th LP and fund everything through KickStarter (successfully funded at 243% of their goal). They released a rough cut of a demo for the new album, so I'm listening to that. I likes it.

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