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What music are you listening to?

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*Weylin rises from the grave*

I'm listening to a song I made as of recent, http://dl.dropbox.com/u/10679993/WIP%27s/AcousticSad7-1-11.mp3 (careful, the link is known to freeze computers for a few seconds, give it a little bit and it will unfreeze and start playing! xD.

Maybe I should make a new band logo? Hmm, been months since I've touched PDN, or any graphics, for that matter.

http://nyc2img.soundclick.com/62/images/w/band/weylinsslayerorchestra.jpg?version=146 - current band logo.

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Fear the Hydra - Take it Personal

Check it out, it's all of my friends together in a band. They are all in high school.



Click my signature to register for the game my signature is based off of

:) If you get to level 5, it helps me too!
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