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What music are you listening to?

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I've been going through The Resistance album by Muse, (about the 5th time now) and I must say fantastic. It's superb - if you haven't listened to it yet, you really should :)

Every song flows from beginning to end, connected to the next. The album is crazy, loud, rocking, and then calm, serene, meditating, and then crazy again :P

Simply wonderful piece of work, I can recommend it to anyone who likes good quality music. Just make sure when you do listen to it, you have some really nice headphones on - and don't you dare shuffle it :lol:

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JUST bought Aerosmith:Gold Album. woah. i am most impressed. i knew about aerosmith for a long time, i only really got into them last week, and only just got some more ituness money.


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