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What music are you listening to?

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Skillet, then

POD, then

Underoath, then

Pillar, then

Thousand Foot Crutch.

That's pretty much a fantastic lineup. If you like them I would recommend Disciple, Decyfer Down, Fireflight, and Red, if you don't listen to them already.

theyre all great bands, (being christian myself, it suits i guess) i very much like skillet, underoath and fireflight.


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Andy Hunter - Colour

I'm lovin' the cover art!

Will definitely look for it in my favorite music store.

I'm shuffling through The Cure's Greatest Hits, Magical Mystery Tour by the Beatles, Paradise City by the Gn'R, Vicarious Bliss, and Gone, by Kanye West, Consequence and Common.

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Haha I have all of those minus fire flight. I bought my little brother End of Silence by Red for christmas. He loves that album. I've seen most of the bands I listed, live. Loved skillet. Disciple is very good too.

Currently listening to:

Oh! Gravity - Switchfoot.

(Seen them live too. RTU '08+'07 FTW)

Well hows about Falling Up, This Fires Embrace, Manic Drive, We As Human, House of Heroes, and Jonah 33?

Oh my gosh! I love TFE!

Fighting Instinct anyone? They're very professional sounding.

DecembeRadio, followed by East West, Demon Hunter and Seventh Day Slumber, respectively.

You guys have some very nice taste in music.

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Red's new album, Innocence and Instinct, is out. It powns!

Indeed it does, my friend. Indeed it does.

I got the Deluxe Edition, and it's stinkin' awesome.

Definitley Red's sound, even though their use of violins and pianos has dropped drastically, and Hayden Lamb has been replaced by someone who tends to go a bit quicker on the drums.

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