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What music are you listening to?

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Crazy Train by the guy the sniffs ants.... err Ozzy Osbourne*

"Ozzy osbourne is known widely for snorting ants, and biting the heads off of doves and a bat, and trying to kill his wife, Sharon, multiple times. This man is one of the most widely known celeberty."

He is a freak but he makes good music :D

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i am listening to

wish you were here by pink floyd

we're just two lost souls swimming in a fish bowl

year after year

running over the same old ground of how we found

the same old things

Strange! Just let me skip a few songs and I'll be listening to it, too :D I love that song. So, so you think you can tell.... heaven from hell? Blue skies from pain. :D

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@ verac the defiled - Slipknot is too evil and cuss-a-licious for me to listen too I can't stand them Some of the lyrics in Duality are "She cannot kill and she did not create" Holy cow those ar eeveil lyrics >_>

@Bob AC/DC rules! WhooHoo! There is four music videos of them on on-demand.

Hell's Bells by AC/DC - I'm A Rolling Thunder, A pouring rain! I'm coming on like a hurricane

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Do you like the first signer or the second one better? I am the lonely crowd that likes the first one better.

EDIT: I figured out they had 3 >_> The vocalist in Highway to Hell or the vocalist in Back In Black

I love High To Hell!

Living easy, living free

Season ticket on a one-way ride

Asking nothing, leave me be

Taking everything in my stride

Don't need reason, don't need rhyme

Ain't nothing I would rather do

Going down, party time

My friends are gonna be there too

I'm listening to a sped up version of Hells Bells.

Hey Bob do you think AC/DC is going to release a new album? I thinks it's bologna but it's possible.

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