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What music are you listening to?

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Damn you @welshblue for reminding me I own this. Worse, for making me listen to it again so I can post it here.

OK, I admit this is the B-side of a song I like. I don't have many singles, I've always bought the album if I liked a song or artist. TBH, I don't think I've bough any music for the last decade or so.

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7 hours ago, Djisves said:

I don't think I've bough any music for the last decade or so.


One of my hobbies before all this armageddon stuff was finding independent record shops and scouring for vinyl.  Those and car boot sales, you can pick up some gems and bargains there.  I love music and must listen to between 5/6 hours a day.  Pretty sad really


... a bit like your video.  Haven't got a clue what they're saying but ... it's still bad 😁

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I do listen to music a lot, I just don't buy it anymore. I gave away my Hi-Fi and all my vinyl to my first son ages ago. My daughter asked for the CDs. My second son can only have my cassette tapes but I doubt he wants them. Even if I wanted to, I don't have the means to listen to them anymore.

Now I have to get the Ntirlanta tune above out of my head and, as I often do in emergencies, I turn to Mark... 


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21 hours ago, BoltBait said:

I will listen to anything Cyndi Lauper sings...


Me too.  There's so much more to her than 'Girls Just Wanna' that a lot don't realise


My first time listening to T o P above and after a lot of youtubing ... in my library now.   Thanks for that


Made me think of ...



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a better song
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