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What music are you listening to?

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1 hour ago, nitenurse79 said:


Excellent song, what was your involement?

Are you in the video or was your role studio based?

A combination of both. I'm on bass in the video, but in the studio I was part of a team that programed and played synthesizers / drum machines for the pre recording sessions. An excellent opportunity to work with a poet that I admired. Anne Clarke was a unique and tallented artist who knew what she wanted and the exact direction she wanted her ideas to become. A fantastic learning curve. 

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Currently into Doja Cat, especially Kiss Me More from the new Planet Her album. 


But I don't think they'd like me posting links to that on YT here or some (most) of her other songs because of their "R Rated" lyrics.


Still she is the business, a genuine talent; think Katie Perry, Rihanna and Nicki Minaj being involved in a freak Star Trek transporter accident and you'll get an idea of what she's like if you don't know already.  


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Thanks to Doja Cat featuring her on "Kiss Me More" I went looking for more stuff by SZA.


On the strength of what I found and liked a great deal, I actually bought her album "Ctrl".


Again with the frequent 'Explcit' lyrics of some of the tracks, essential IMHO, this is not the place to post any links to her work however good. But with that warning check out "Good Day", "Love Galore", "Normal Girl"  and a particularly good live performance of "Prom (Live In Bloom)".


But whilst I'm here I've just remembered I re-found a song from the late 80s that I really liked and been playing that a lot too. Always liked the video too and the song, principally penned and arranged by Prince, still sounds good over 30 years on:-



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