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What music are you listening to?

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Excellent @Reptillian!  I won this 45rpm record from a radio station for being the first caller to 'Name that Song'.  Takes me back... 😊


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17 hours ago, ardneh said:

I hate it when I wake up to Video unavailable. 😃


Yes, YouTube does that sometimes, depending where you access the videos from but it's usually me who can't access the videos. I'm curious where you are accessing YouTube from. Is the playlist I linked to also unavailable? How about the Fleetwood Mac channel?


One more, hopefully viewable by most



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Thank you @ardneh for the information.

It's usually me who gets the wrong end of the stick; some copywrite owners cannot be bothered with a market as tiny as Cyprus. @BoltBait's post of The Runaways above is the latest example (but he still gets my vote because I like them anyway 🙂 ).


I listened to Van Morrison's latest album Three Chords & the Truth a few times yesterday. I just got the playlist going again. Here's a sample:



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