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What music are you listening to?

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...thank you MadJik. That is...awesome.

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More Cantonese :D 


non-existence made one, one made two, two made three, three made matters.


well-defined principles are not eternal principles, names that can be named are not eternal names.


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NOW, R.I.P. According to his official Twitter, he let go late last night. At this rate, we'll have no one to listen to but @DrewDale and Keith Richards.


And the punch line is--he isn't actually dead yet. The LAPD reported prematurely. He's been taken off life support and has no brain activity, but is clinging to life.


Stubborn. I approve. :)


I'm gonna go look at pretty pictures now to forget that Wonderland video...my name's Alyce. You can see why I can't watch that one.

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