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What music are you listening to?

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One of the best intros evah ...


... if I hear one more thing about Kate Middleton and the Royal Baby.  


Cut benefits for the poor/ make some homeless and fund a lavish lifestyle for people by birth.  Makes a lot of sense

I totally agree with you. Everyone should stop cutting benefits and talking about the baby.


^^ woah big album cover 


@ teh501' ... I really like your uncle's voice.  Very nice quality to it

Thanks, glad you liked the song.

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I would be gutted if my collection went south mate. I need to catch up on the newer dexy's works, I read good reviews. Mr Collins did some top works. Shame health has forced him to call it a day really.

Here is a tune to get you givin' it some skankin' around the room mate. B)



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Butthole Surfers? That's a real band? I'm guessing it's before my time, but that name is hilarious.

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This is a remarkable remix of the already excellent Arrival track from Halo 4.




The transition @ 42 seconds is great!

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... so many memories of parties in the '80's whenever I hear these


Actually I'm not familiar with that track from UB40.  Classic sound & interesting video!


Here's one I heard yesterday for the first time in a long time.  Surprised me how powerful it still is...


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