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What music are you listening to?

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I think that was used on the film Gamer.  I loved it then too.  Thanks Welshy!


Completely wrong.  It was "Sweet Dreams" (by Marilyn Manson- got that right)



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A happy Birthday to you.

This instrumental version is really restful, Something I'm sure your birthday will not be :D

Thank you kindly for the thought and greeting Sasha. <3 The day was a nice restful one with family :)

the night was a mixture of missing parts to the jigsaw puzzle and many empty bottles :| 


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... a great song for reminding you never to take people for granted.


Except for one problem Cat Stevens never released or covered this song the audio you are hearing is by Harry Chapin the original singer and songwriter of this song,the confusion stems from this sounding very much like Cat's other song Father and son and the fact cat also released an album in the 70.s called Cats cradle.









Apparently it's one of the most miss labeled video's on you tube.

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In reverse order:

4. The Sun does nothing for me.

3. Broken Glass. I love Annie, but like Welshy wrote, not one of her better songs.

2. The Moon. Huge fone of The Police.


1. Sunshine!!! It makes my day! Plus, it takes me back to my carefree days when I followed Katrina making waves in Student Union halls. Before their Top of the Pops debut.  



Is it just me that can't watch the posted YouTube videos? All I get is a grey "!".


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Ah... Debbie... (my very first teenage crush)


Gone is the "!", I guess it was something temporary. I can now see the posted videos.

For some of them (like the last three immediately above), when I click "play" all I get is a black screen with noise and text that says "This video contains content from EMI(WMG/UMG). It is restricted from playback on certain sites. Watch on YouTube". The Harris-Tyson one posted by BoltBait plays just fine.


Nobody else complained so I'm guessing it's a combination of company copyrights and my (out of the US, exotic) IP. I'll have to live with it.


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Strangely - I think he looks like Robbie Williams.

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