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Can you control multiple layers without merging?

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No, you would have to do it one at a time.

If I wanted to move two elements on two different layers by a small amount, I would remember how many pixels I moved one and duplicate that movement for the second image. Or alternatively, you could remember or write down the coordinates of the first moved piece, then move the second into the same position. Of course, if you're just wanting to move elements but keep them in the same relative position to each other, I draw lines coming from the first object so they meet the second object (yes, still on the same layer, it doesn't matter they're on different ones) then move the first object and line up the second with these lines. It helps if these are hard aliased lines of a different colour and drawn straight, say like longitude/latitude lines of 90/180 degrees. Once finished just erase the lines, and this will be easy because you haven't actually drawn on the object but rather from the edges.

Hope this made sense. I would have illustrated the last method but unless it's really necessary, or you ask, I can't be bothered :).

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Lol, it made perfect sense actually. I've been using the ruler to do it, but I was hoping there was an easier way. Thanks!!! Also, do you think this or something like it may be included in future releases?

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If you used the Rotate/Zoom tool (in the Layers menu), it saves the settings for how you move one layer. All you have to do is switch to the other layer, open the Rotate/Zoom tool again, and hit OK. That might be easier until 4.0 comes around :-)

Hope that helped.


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