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How do i make a habbo layout?

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Isn't Habbo, if I'm correct, very pixel art orientated? If so, and this is what you want help with, there are many tutorials out there on the interweb that can easily (as in no 'translation' needed as with Photoshop to PDN) be completed in PDN, essentially all you really need is the Pencil Tool and Colour Picker, with the odd other tools coming in handy if and when needed.

Have a gander at some of these tutorials which I have used in the past:

http://www.natomic.com/hosted/marks/mpat/ - Beginners tutorial

http://www.natomic.com/hosted/marks/mpat/links.html - links to other pixel art sites.

http://tutorialblog.org/pixel-art-tutorials/ - a host of other pixel art tutorials.

Although I never persevered with pixel art, these sites did help me to start off.

Hope this answers your request.

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