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Text Manipulation

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Things like 3D, raised, 'embroidered', metallic, shadowing, etc.?

Those are more like filters, and Paint.NET doesn't have anything like that built-in. I know I have a tutorial for shadowing, and I'm in the process of making a version for 2.5, but if you'd like, I could try to tackle some of those effects and make tutorials for them.

Also, once the text is placed within a layer, how can it be moved within the layer without moving the entire layer?

Once text is finalized, it is finalized. The developers have plans in the works to make text more flexible, but for now, you still have to move it by selecting it and moving it like pixels. For now, I'd suggest that any time you make text, make it in a new layer. That way, you can move it without worrying about accidentally moving anything else.

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