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Can someone point me in the right direction??

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Hello! New to the site, and paint.net. It's great, and free! Like borat says, niiiiiiiiiice!

Anyway, can someone point me in the right direction where I can find the "how to" blend multiple images using the new version. I understand the layer properties, etc, but i'm trying to do multiple images of various sizes, and want them to all blend in one. If that makes sense?

THANKS! Very Happy

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mmmm, not quite.

Here's what I have:

image of clouds

image of us flag

image of falling money

image of superbowl trophy

This is for fantasy football :D

Basically I want to make all these images "appear"/blend into one, and then I want to use the text thing to type "AMERICAN DREAMS". The problem I'm having is all of the images are different sizes. I used the layer properties to kind of blend it the way I wanted, but the superbowl pictures were clearly visible, with border and everything...

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What you want to do, is have a canvas of the size of your biggest image. Then, open, say the trophy image, press Ctrl+A (Select all), CTRL+C (Copy), then, on the big canvas image thingy-ma-bob (i'm sure it's clear enough :)), make a new layer, press CTRL+V (Paste), then press "M" (they key, "M" on your keyboard :P )and drag your image to where you want it. Press CTRL+Shist+F (Flatten image). Repeat the steps for all the images. Hope that helped?

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