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Request: crop to common photo aspect ratios

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First let me say that Paint.NET is mind-bogglingly good. It blows me away.

Having said that, it is astonishing that it does not have a crop feature that includes the common photo cropping aspect ratios (e.g., 4x6, 5x7, 8x10, etc.)

It is literally -- and I mean "literally" literally -- the first thing I tried to do with the program.

It arguably the most basic task to be performed on a digital photo to prepare it for printing, and un-arguably in the top three.

The workarounds posted in this forum are woefully convoluted and inadequate for what should be a very simple task.

I hope this is added (toward the top) of the "official" feature request list. Thanks again for what is otherwise a completely awesome product!

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I would recommend that you look at the way Microsoft Picture IT does this, it is awesome, simple and lets you see the rule of thirds.

I was really hoping to find an "all in one" tool with Paint.Net, but for now I guess I'll have to keep juggling between Picture IT & Paint.Net.

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