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What is Dithering?

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when i make a .gif file there's this pop out right? its says about transparency and dithering.... i know what to set in the transparency but i have no idea what dithering is o__o can someone explain? when i try to put it higher it gives my image some dots... is that bad? when i lower it down the dots disappear but there's like this paint effect O__o which is the best?

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Paint.NET supports 2 billion+ colors and GIF files only support 256 colors. When you save a PDN file as GIF there must be some compromise--either reduce the colors in a paint-like effect (as you said) or through dithering.

Paint.NET allows you to control that compromise.

Obviously, when saving, you should adjust the settings for how you want the image to look. That is, to whatever pleases your eye and fits your application of the image best.

Hope this helps.

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GIF files are limited to a palette of 256 colors. Dithering is basically a method of smoothing the transitions between colors.

By dropping the level of dithering down to 0, it makes areas of each of the 256 colors with hard boundaries wherever the color in the image is closest to that palette color. By raising it, it intersperses areas of one color with another along this boundary in an attempt to soften the transition.

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